Tuesday, September 6, 2011

History of Chloroform

Chloroform was a popular anesthetic during the mid 1800's to around 1900.  Later on in the 1900's chloroform was replaced with oxygen-gas mixtures for anesthia because it was safer. Choloroform used to be widely used in syrups, sedatives, andpain relievers.  Since 1976 chloroform has been banned from drug, cosmetic, and food products.  This compound was discovered by Samuel Guthrie from the United States (1782-1848). It was also discovered by two other scientists. Sir James Young Simpson introduced chloroform into the medical for its use in anesthetics. Dr. John Snow invented an inhaler that regulated the amount of chloroform that would be inhaled at a time.  
1) http://www.discoveriesinmedicine.com/Bar-Cod/Chloroform.html
This website describes what chloroform is and how it is used in the anesthetic world. It also talks a lot about Simpson was who discovered that chloroform could be used for anesthetics in in 1847 in Scotland.  It also talks about another anesthetic that they used called ether.  They said that chloroform was much more powerful and pleasant to take unlike ether. 
This website gives information about chloroform and not about how it came to be.  It also talks about what happens when chloroform is exposed to oxygen and sunlight.  It explains how when
it is released into the outdoors it will virtually become not harmful, but if it is kept in an enclosed room and is released then it can become dangerous. This website also talks about the harmful effects that chloroform has on the body. 
This website describes the first fatal death from chloroform.  She was a 15 year old girl named Hannah Greener and she died January 28, 1848. Also it talks about a study that was done on animals that concluded that
chloroform causes cardiac fibrillation. 
This information is from the New World Encyclopedia. This website seems like it can provide a lot of information about chloroform that could be useful for our project.  It talks about the many different uses of chloroform such as in the pharmaceutical industry, and for producing dyes and pesticides
. Also it is used to make freon refrigerant R-22 and many more uses. Also it talks about the safety precautions that should be taken while dealing with something as strong as chloroform. It talks about the production of chloroform. 
This information is on the History Channel website. It describes how during the Civil war chloroform became a vital tool for doctors. Also it gives background information on Chloroform and ether, which both were used during the time of the war. Chloroform was very important when it came to surgery. It helped reduce pain, especially during amputation surgeries that were very common during the war.  

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